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For complete confidence that your guitar is getting the humidification it needs in dry seasons without worrying about your humidfier leaking or hurting your instrument, check out the original blue Oasis® guitar humidifier. The OH-1 guitar humidifier is a soundhole humidifier designed to maintain 45-55% relative humidity inside the guitar body when the humidity outside the case is between 25-40%, provided that the guitar is already hydrated. The OH-1 is not designed to restore humidity to a dried out guitar. The OH-1 is our most popular model. Each Oasis® OH-1 comes with a stabilizer bar for mounting the humidifier and a 10 cc. syringe for distilled water filling control.

Have a Flat Top Guitar Case?

The Oasis® Guitar Humidifier does not work in some guitar cases. If you have a "flat top" case, there is not enough clearance above the strings for the cap of the Oasis® Humidifier. All "arch top" cases, that we are aware of, have sufficient clearance for the cap. If you’re interested in using an Oasis® humidifier in a flat top case, one of our customers has a solution:

I recently bought the Oasis humidifier and hygrometer for my new Seagull guitar and TRIC case. The Oasis is too tall for the case and it will not close. 

 A simple solution for installing it - a rubber band. It's pretty secure- you can shake the guitar forcefully, and the Oasis will wobble, but not fall out or hit the insides. 

It doesn't take any longer than the normal install, nor is it more difficult, once you learn how to not drop the rubber band! 

One other potential solution is to use the ukulele stabilizer bar rather than the guitar stabilizer bar